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DIY Hand Sanitizer
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DIY Videos – Salves & Bath Salts
This natural salve is so wonderful to use with Essential Oils. You can use this in place of something like Neosporin ... Read More
How to Make a Simple Salve
Salve’s are a nourishing, oil-based ointment that are often infused with beneficial herbs and plants to speed heali... Read More
A Time-Tested Natural Approach
If you have walked through a garden and luxuriated in the scent of a rose or inhaled the sweet fragrance of an orange... Read More
Lotion Bars
Lotion bars are a great way to naturally cleanse and moisturize. These are solid at room temperature like a bar of so... Read More

Keshet is so passionate about natural solutions and it really shows.  She has been so helpful in educating me and sh... Read More
I love working with Keshet
I love working with Keshet
September 22, 2016