DIY Videos – Salves & Bath Salts

This natural salve is so wonderful to use with Essential Oils. You can use this in place of something like Neosporin or other commercial brands that are typically made with petroleum jelly.

Our family uses salves for things like dry chapped skin, cuts, eczema, respiratory aid, sleep and more.


Benefits of a Salve:

•    It’s easier to put on and apply, already diluted, and leaves the skin silky smooth, while feeding you and your skin great nutrients.
•    It reduces sensitivity and the soothing, healing properties of coconut and olive oil act as a delivery vehicle, reducing sensitivity and inflammation.
•    It’s chock full of anti-oxidant properties to fight free radicals.
•    The incredible aroma of essential oils married to coconut oil, olive oil and luxurious beeswax will have you wanting to lick your fingers.
•    Crazy good hand moisturizer!
•    Amazing on dry, cracked heels and elbows.
•    All around moisturizer for dry climates… I use it as a body moisturizer.
•    Soothes and heals chapped lips or any ‘chappy’ place.
•    Soothes welts, burns and sunburn!
•    Great for diaper rash.
•    Antiseptic properties make it great for cuts and scrapes!
•    Wonderful for elderly folks and their thin, fragile skin.
•    A good remedy for eczema!

Bath Salts


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